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How do you feel about paying taxes in the first place?

The fact that everybody in the Netherlands and the business community pay the costs of running our country together is a great thing. With Hoek en Blok as your partner, you can rest assured that you and your company will not pay too much and may actually save on tax. It goes without saying that we will provide you with the best advice about taxation, and ensure that your tax returns, objections and other correspondence are dealt correctly and in good time. We see this as the carefree entrepreneurship you deserve as a business person.

Carefree entrepreneurship internationally as well

Whether you have to pay taxes, belastingen, steuer or impuesto, you can turn to us for assistance with tax internationally. Both from our own tax specialists and from our Morison Global network.

As part of the Morison Global network, our colleague Arno Biemans is involved in the process of writing quarterly tax insights for the Dutch market. In case you want to be updated on the latest news, you can read the tax insights here.

Our services

  • Managing a range of tax returns
  • Use of investment and innovation box facilities
  • Optimization of company structures
  • Consultancy for business succession
  • Guidance (fiscal and otherwise) for mergers and acquisitions
  • Consultancy for investments in real estate (turnover tax/transfer tax)
  • Help with cross-border employment
  • Objection and appeal procedures
  • International processes
  • See also Financial Planning for:
    • Estate planning
    • Financial planning

The feeling behind our tax consultancy


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Client story: Demi Containers
After Frans van Zomeren started his own business repairing, testing and modifying tank containers more than 25 years ago, it wasn't long before he teamed up with Jan de Blok for administration and accountancy. A quarter of a century later, the same Jan de Blok helped Van Zomeren with the sale of the company.
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