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What can you do for me in terms of occupational health and safety?

As an employer, you have a duty of care and you like absenteeism counselling to be effective. Hoek en Blok works with a health and safety service provider, VerzuimPreventPlus.

VerzuimPreventPlus provides professional absenteeism management, personal coordination with the employer, and quick and personal follow-up for the employee. The aim of the approach is to identify problems at an early stage and to keep absenteeism to a minimum. The labour experts, company doctors and other specialists deliver customized solutions and therefore better results.

The service goes further than just following up absenteeism: prevention is also a focus. Workplace studies and absenteeism analyses are used to identify difficulties in your organization or working methods. And preventive medical examinations are also available to chart possible health risks. A company doctor discusses the results with the employee and gives advice about matters such as lifestyle. All this to make your employees feel good about themselves and to make your company a vital organization.

Our services

  • Health and safety studies
  • Guidance for rehabilitation processes and alternative employment
  • Confidential counsellor
  • Absenteeism management, follow-up and guidance
  • Monitoring insurance agency (UWV) deadlines and requirements
  • Prevention of absenteeism and promotion of vital organization
  • Short lines of communication with absenteeism insurer
  • Drafting of absenteeism protocol
  • Drafting of absenteeism policy, health and safety policy and vitality policy
  • Drafting RI&E (Risk Inventory & Evaluation)
  • Preventive Medical Examination
  • Workplace studies

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