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Can I draft my own annual report?
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I am planning to invest, what is the best way to finance this investment?
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Can I have my company certified for IT security and GDPR?
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How do I find a suitable successor within or outside my company?
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Is my organization making optimal use of the available subsidy options?
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How do I create a vital organization?
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About Hoek en Blok

Carefree entrepreneurship is vital for business people who want their companies to flourish. Thanks to the strength of our combined knowledge in the fields of accountancy, legal affairs, human resources, taxation, corporate finance, IT advice and subsidies, we can establish and maintain that carefree entrepreneurship for you. So you can focus on what you prefer to do: doing business.
Business is becoming increasingly complex. It starts with a good idea, quality, a solid approach, hard work.

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Accountancy is ultimately about producing the financial statements. But, with all due respect, that is no longer our main focus.
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Audit and Assurance
The auditors of the Audit and Assurance department of Hoek en Blok not only audit, they also advise.
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Tax consultancy
The fact that everybody in the Netherlands and the business community pay the costs of running our country together is a great thing.
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Corporate finance
Business means looking beyond what today brings. Especially when it comes to business valuation, or the purchase or sale of a company.
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HRM and salary accounting
Your people are your company. In SMEs, human resources are often just done ‘on the side’. That can be done differently, and it should be…
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International (Morison Global)
Our clients can count on the same high-quality service worldwide through the Morison Global association.
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IT consultancy
Nice to meet you… Hoek en Blok IT; the professional Hoek en Blok IT department. IT is complicated enough as it is, so let’s keep it simple.
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Legal consultancy
By working with us, you can avoid a lot of trouble by sorting out important matters clearly and efficiently in advance.
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Financial planning
As a business person, you take good care of your business and you know every detail. But have you made the right arrangements for your personal situation?
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Strategic guidance
As a business person, you have a goal. But how can you achieve it? Hoek en Blok is your strategic advisor: helpful, resourceful and challenging.
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Subsidy consultancy
By calling on us, you avoid that unpleasant feeling that you are missing subsidies somewhere without knowing it.
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Absenteeism counselling
When an employee is ill, that can have a direct impact on your organization. The right arrangements need to be in place for absenteeism counselling.
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