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How could I professionalize my human resources?

The HRM specialists at Hoek en Blok can help you with every issue relating to your workforce. From inflow to turnover to outflow. For both policy consultancy and operational execution.

Would you like to know more about your current HRM arrangements and possible improvements? Make an appointment with one of our consultants and they will identify bottlenecks and provide you with customised advice.

The time that goes into HRM is usually taken up by all kinds of rules and regulations. From accounting and records to drawing up contracts and excel lists with leave days, absenteeism and expense claims. That can be much more efficient and easy. You’ve come to the right place!

The Hoek en Blok HR consultants offer support and advice in the field of HRM and salary accounting under the name H@RY. H@RY is your digital HR employee who stands for all the arrangements that need to be made for HRM. A digital system in combination with specialists in the field of salary accounting, HRM, labour law, occupational health and safety policy, absenteeism counselling and subsidies ensures that your HRM will be really well organized in the future.

Our services

  • Transforming company policy into HRM policy
  • Sparring partner for management
  • GDPR and privacy policy
  • Establishing salary, job and training house
  • Online human resources and salary accounting
  • Absenteeism records
  • Labour law
  • Staffing subsidies

The feeling behind our HRM and payroll administration


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