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What do you actually mean by accountancy?

Our primary focus is establishing a picture of the ins and outs of your organization. Incidentally, our principal concern is to structure your systems so that the organization itself, no matter how large or small, can generate the required management information.

Inspiration and reflection

When you work with Hoek en Blok, you can rest assured that an independent and professional organization is at your side. You will receive practical, individual advice, both at our initiative and when you ask for it. For example about the opportunities and risks presented by legislation and regulations, about drafting budgets and about your company’s financing structure. In this way, we provide you with inspiration and opportunities for reflection. Including your personal entrepreneurial goals.

Our services

  • Drafting annual reports
  • Drafting budgets
  • Setting up a Management Information System
  • Professionalisation and optimization of administrative processes
  • Implementation of financial software systems
  • Support and training for accountants
  • Drafting of auditor’s reports

The feeling behind our accountancy


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