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Full circle

Frans van Zomeren quickly realised that the owners and users of tank containers have specific requirements. “It’s very specialist work; completely different from repairing ordinary containers. We have helium tank containers here that each cost a million euros. So an order can soon average 5,000 euros per container. We do about 3,000 a year and safety is a top priority for all of them. Meaning good maintenance is vital.”

Once in a lifetime

Van Zomeren really wanted to leave the company to his sons, Dennis and Michel, after whom the company was named: DEMI. But an offer from the French ERMEWA Group threw a spanner in the works. Or perhaps it’s better to say that this was a ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’. “They were looking for a hub where they could guarantee high-quality maintenance on their tank containers. So they’d found the right company. The offer was too good to refuse.”


And so Hoek en Blok was called in. “Jan de Blok has been working for us almost since we were founded. He knows all the ins and outs.” Jan brought in a team to supervise the fiscal side, and the legal aspects in particular. Van Zomeren: “You’re talking about Dutch law, a French buyer and everything being done in English. That’s quite a tough challenge but I’m very happy with the focus, support and advice we received from Jan and his team. And during COVID, too. A job well done!”


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