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Is everything in your personal life arranged as well as the business side?

Do you have a clear picture of your current and future personal assets and income? Is your will up to date and in order? Do you know what the consequences of a prenuptial agreement are in the case of a divorce? Do you want to transfer assets but don’t you know where to start or do you want independent advice about asset management?

Hoek en Blok provides you with support and advice. Our financial planning consultants help you to understand your current situation and your goals, and to find the most appropriate solution, taking into account issues such as pension and assets … for now and the future.

Our services

  • Income and asset management
  • Advice about asset manegement
  • Asset transfer during life or after death (estate planning)
  • Advice on wills and prenuptial agreements
  • Estate settlement
  • Financial and tax assistance during a divorce
  • Customised consultancy about personal finances targeting fiscal and legal optimization

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