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Creators of H@RY are happy with him

Hokra from Noordeloos is a full-service agency for promotional communications. From brand activation and promotional items to marketing services and everything associated with those activities. Full service can be taken literally here. The service extends from the design of a concept through to the entire execution phase. Which is why there is a large, dedicated warehouse alongside the De Vort offices for the storage and dispatch of thousands of articles for clients. In addition, the company, which has been around for more than thirty years, maintains dozens of webshops that winners, employees, savers and new users of products can use to select and order their gifts.


One of the assignments was the request from Hoek en Blok to devise a concept for their offer to manage all aspects of HRM and salary accounting digitally and remotely for customers. “This is how H@RY, your digital HR employee, was created,” explains Ankie Crielaard, vice-director and partner. “When we were working on that, I thought: this is really something for us, too. So H@RY works for us as well now”.


“First of all, it feels good that all the statutory regulations are automatically being implemented properly,” adds controller Marjan Muilwijk. “For example, all our HR documents are stored in GDPR-proof ways with H@RY.” But it also just saves time. “We used to administer holiday days with Excel and there was a continuous flow of emails back and forth with colleagues applying for holidays or wanting to know how many days they had left. There’s an app to take care of all of that now. Anyone can check holiday days at any time.”
The system also issues pay slips clearly and securely. Marjan: “And you receive automatic alerts when contracts or certificates need to be renewed or reports of assessment interviews still haven’t been submitted. It’s all very convenient. Really very H@RY”.


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